Introducing the Design & Lifestyle Blog, Plus: A New Icon!

After all the craziness in the past 3 years, I have finally finished setting up a blog! I will admit, it took me 3 years because I was hesitant about the commitment to it, and there are already SO many blogs out there. But I felt I needed a new space where I could easily share my own tutorials, free stuff, and recent projects in more detail.

So what will you find on the Design Beast Design & Lifestyle Blog?

  • Presentation design & beginner photography tutorials
  • Free design tools for everyone!
  • Organization tools & ideas
  • Project updates & details from photography sessions
  • Reviews & giveaways (!) of products that we think are well designed
  • Photographic updates on our travels & rural life in Montana

And, if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll see even more- like shared posts from other bloggers we’re connected with, and about 42857498 pictures of our adorable baby. Just what you want right?! I know, but I really can’t resist posting pictures of her all the time. I’m addicted to seeing her cute face.

I also recently added a new icon to the services section on my main website:

Photography! As of 2016, I’m officially available for newborn and engagement photography sessions! Professional photography was something I never pictured myself doing. It sort of happened by accident. I bought my first camera in 2009 for school. We took a crash course in photography with the purpose of creating better illustrations. Fast forward 5 years, and a friend-of-a-friend, Tony, hears from someone that I do engagement photography. Initially I said no, but he wanted us to take his pictures anyway.

A photo from my very first engagement session! Tony & Katie

A photo from my very first engagement session! Tony & Katie

So I went for it, and was surprised by how well the photos turned out! I’ve since had the opportunity to do several more engagement and newborn/baby sessions, and I’m seriously hooked. Scott usually comes with me and he has turned out to be an awesome assistant!  Our friends over at the Powell Blog have been amazingly helpful with improving my lightroom and wordpress skills (and just being inspirational go-getters) over the past year as well. I’m so excited to share photos from upcoming sessions with all of you on this blog!

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