Newborn Photography: Baby Rose


This newborn shoot was a super special one! This precious little girl Rosie is so beautiful! (I’m a little biased ’cause I’m her auntie!). She lives next door, and is only 1 year younger than our daughter, Taryn, so they’re obviously fated to be friends. She is such a huge blessing from the Lord and we are all so thankful to have her here!

Rose was born 3 weeks early and is super tiny. One of the things I regret not getting when our daughter was born was a good photo that showed just how small she was, so that was my goal for this session: make sure we get pictures that show how teeny Rosie is! The easiest way I could think of to accomplish that was to show her being held by her parents. We were also able to get some really nice shots in her nursery, which is perfect for a little girl who’s going to grow up on a Montana farm with a view of the Rockies.

For newborns, I like to photograph a mixture of posed photos with props and lifestyle photos just to have some variety, but still keep things looking as authentic as possible. So a few months ago, I watched a couple of tutorial videos in an attempt to teach myself to crochet my own newborn props. HAHA. Long story short, our talented worship pastor’s wife, Cherie, helped me out and made a little apple hat that turned out adorable. Not surprisingly, it was big on preemie Rose, but we still managed to get a couple of really cute pictures of her wearing it. Her mom, Kathleen, also had some scarves, headbands, and a pearl necklace that we used to adorn the little munchkin for her glamour shots. Take a look:


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