Baby’s First Tractor Ride


Spring planting is almost over, and I realized today that our daughter, Taryn, has never had a ride on any of the farm equipment, let alone a Big Bud tractor. She’s 1. Probably about time she starts pulling her weight around here, eh?

Scott was seeding on the furthest piece of land that Welker Farms owns, so we drove out there to annoy him for a bit. When he pulled up, Taryn watched, but she was definitely scared of the noise, and when I handed her up to her dad, she started wailing. I expected this. She’s my child after all. Once we got inside the cab and started moving though, it was all good. She was super interested in the steering wheel, and daddy, and looking outside the windows, and daddy, and bouncing, and daddy….

I think she’s addicted.






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  1. Wait until harvest when she can ride the combine! My son went crazy for that last year!

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